Mineral Carbon Composites

General Overview

Pre-loading of a layer of porous hard rock like granite is made under controlled conditions. Then, whilst it is still under pre-load, it is ‘sealed’ with a layer of carbon fibre. The impossible becomes possible and a degree of flexibility is observed in Granite without compromising its impact resistance! Plus...the properties of controlling effective vibration damping and thermal expansion are introduced: the ideal material concept for Railway Sleepers.


MCC®Impact and pressure strength is twice that of concrete and can be designed into or out of each application.

Absolute frost resistance

The hairline cracks of concrete that allow the ingress of water (and consequential ice damage) are now gone. Resulting in much higher durability than concrete.

Bridge Construction/Tunnelling

Aluminium has an actual weight of 2.7 g/cu.cm. Granite and basalt have an actual weight of between 2.6 up to 3.0 g/cu.cm!! Thus, this lightweight material has the potential to replace environmentally problematic metals. Consider Railway tunnels where every concrete centimetre has to be fought for.

Thermal Elongation

Thermal elongation (a problem for aluminium and concrete) can be designed into or out of each application.

CO2 Emissions

There are 50% fewer CO2 emissions in producing MCC®


Stone is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Creative flair can be employed with these new materials as a benefit at no additional cost.

Unlimited natural material availability

Tasty Plant Ltd represents TechnoCarbonTechnologies in the UK, visit https://technocarbon.de/en/cfs for further information.

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